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The capacity to compete, change and evolve is the hallmark of an enduring business. Driftworks have a depth of expertise in the development of businesses and can be relied upon to give you the support that you need to grow in your market.

Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing Accelerator, Coach Consulting, Change Management, Business Risk, Franchising your business, Interim management.


Strategic Planning and Review

Effective strategic planning aligns the direction of the business with the objectives of the owners, and enables your business to grow with confidence. It facilitates strategic change and empowers managers to articulate a common vision for the business. Engaging Driftworks energises this process in a structured way to provide real focus for key individuals in the business and optimises the business for success

This is a tailored analysis of the objectives and processes of the business in the context of your vision for growth. Focus points may include; business transformation for growth, planning for succession, the strategic re-alignment of the business, reacting to a changing market, or other situations that confront the business. This is typically reviewed in the context of:

  • strategic vision
  • strategic objectives
  • delivery of strategic goals
  • sales & marketing strategy
  • product/service delivery
  • organisational structure & responsibilities
  • finance
  • culture

The scope of an engagement is specific to the nature and circumstances of the individual business. Outputs from this process may result in a revised strategic vision and plan, a monitoring process, policy /process documentation, refined roles and responsibilities or other structured processes to enhance the performance of the business.


Driftworks Consulting - Review and delivery process


Sales & Marketing Accelerator

We bring a track record of:

• Delivering in excess of 60% year on year growth in multiple businesses
• Developing recurring revenues models to build business value
• Implementing and driving strategic development

Many businesses simply need to generate more sales, and the sales accelerator module looks specifically at all of the elements of the business that affect the revenue generating capacity.

We have a depth of experience in the analysis of businesses and the use of structured processes to ensure best practice to deliver growth. Using a multi-discipline approach, we deliver an analysis of the go-to-market process and sales culture, and deliver a detailed report including recommendations.

This is a highly interactive processes with outputs that will facilitates the evolution of your business strategy, the development of your revenue generating structure, the definition of requirements and objectives for change, and position your business for sustained growth.

Coach Consulting

We support business managers to excel on both a strategic and operational level, and to feel personally engaged and fulfilled in their role, to deliver exceptional outcomes for their business.

Traditionally business coaches work to bring out the best in individuals, to motivate, to develop a positive mindset, and to provide support to ensure follow-through. Consultants are more advisory, focused on the delivery of strategy, operational processes, revenue growth, business transformation and other structured process to implement best practice in a business. We deliver a unique blend of these disciplines to support the development of both the manager and the business.

What you can expect;
Driftworks Consulting - What you can expect

This process will accelerate both personal and professional development, and enable the client to perform better. It is designed to focus on the individual responsibilities of the manager and to deliver a plan of action to empower change.




  Driftworks Consultants Driving sales growth

Managing Change

A common trait of successful businesses is their positive approach to change and their ability to manage the process effectively. Every organisation is different, however there are established 'best practice' processes for change and the organisation can benefit by mapping this learning onto the scenario at hand.

Our focus is on the wider impacts of change, with particular emphasis on the people aspects of a transition to ensure that teams and individuals move as one to minimise disruption and deliver the desired outcomes.

Change can range from a simple service delivery or process change, to more significant changes to policy or strategy. In either event, your business can benefit from structured change processes to minimises the possibility of unintended consequences. We provide the business experience and support needed to ensure that transition processes is implemented smoothly to deliver a lasting and positive effect on the organisation.

Driftworks Consulting - Change Management

Business Risk management

Business risks are often assessed on a casual basis without formality in the process or an analytical approach to understanding the risk appetite of the business. The management of risk does not need to be a complex process and we engage with businesses to deliver practical and manageable solutions to suit the individual scale and nature of their operation.

There are four main reasons why a board needs to invest in risk management know-how

  • It enables better decision making
  • Empowers the business to react to adversity in a structured way
  • It is a recognised key capability of management teams
  • Minimises loss

A risk assessment of your business will enable your board to understand and qualify risks confronting the business, to agree on a risk mitigation process and to embed the principles of risk management into the organisation.

Franchising your business

Considering franchising your business? We have the experience needed to prepare your business for franchise and would like to speak with you. We will take you through the many stages of preparation

  • The business and financial proposition
  • How to optimise returns
  • Documented processes
  • Financing expansion
  • Timing of launch
  • Branding and marketing support

This is an exciting time in the life of a business, and we can de-risk the process by applying our depth of experience in this sector to optimised your business for franchising.

Driftworks Management Consultants

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