Driftworks Consultants Interim Management

From time to time companies need short to medium term business support/leadership. With a depth of experience managing and building business, Driftworks will provide you with professional support to minimise the risks involved.

Business unit management - A safe pair of hands

We have a strong track record of managing structured sales and operational processes, and bring the management experience to maintain and develop your business through a time of change. We will work with you to balance the possible needs for continuity, development or change.

You will benefit from the strategic, organisational and change management skills that we bring. However our focus is on maintaining the direction that you have set for the business, and to deliver a seamless transition both in and out of the role. We will deliver a management style that is consistent with your wishes and the needs of your business.

Driftworks Consultants Driving sales growth

Driving sales growth - The sales & marketing accelerator

Our core competency and expertise is in business development and sales & Marketing. With a significant history on delivering growth in many B2B environments, we provide hands-on interim support to cover all aspects of business development and sales process to deliver;

  • A detailed growth strategy
  • The processes to drive this strategy
  • Sales team structure and development
  • Marketing strategy and deliverables
  • Client engagement
  • Hands-on sales/change support as required

If you wish to see real change in your business to accelerate sales and deliver stronger revenues, we bring the knowhow and passion to drive this change. Whether your need to reconsider your current structures, or simply need to drive expansion of the current sales strategy, we will bring the energy and experience to deliver for you.

Managing change

Most people resist change, even to seemingly insignificant things, however the management of change is the essence of any dynamic business that wishes to prosper.

Experience shows that most change initiatives fail to achieve the results that the transformation expected. This is typically due to cultural and human barriers, and often results in diminished morale. Change needs to be led from the top with visible change at a leadership level to create a culture of ownership and engagement. On a practical level, initiatives need to be organised, focused and time managed to enable all those involved to embrace change with clarity.

We are pleased to become part of your team to assist with the implementation of change in your business. We work with you to identify the key changes required and deliver a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, models or process flow on a defined time line. Every business has it's own unique circumstances, and we are there to enable you to minimise the stress to your business and deliver positive outcomes.



Driftworks Management Consultants

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